Fun For The Entire Family

About Grand Beach Fest

The Grand Beach Fest is becoming an annual thing because it happened for the last 5 years back. The idea behind the happening is to animate families with small children and allow them to spend a beautiful day in the sun. A team of professionals is there to come up with some activities that are fun for everyone.

Girls and women like to practice Zumba with one of our trainers in shallow water. The dads and the boys compete in sandcastle making every year and we must say that there were some really impressive castles over the years.

If you like sports, that’s fine too because we organize a mini-tournament in beach volleyball, soccer, and this year, we are going to implement kiting. The Grand Beach fest is the perfect place for anyone who likes to have fun on the beach. Come join us and you will have a blast for sure.

Our Activities

The Grand Beach Fest is here with activities for everyone. We organize all kinds of sports and family activities for you to enjoy. The kids have dozens of activities to enjoy, and so do adults. We are trying to add new ideas every year so make sure you give us a visit this year.

Build The Best Sandcastle

Build The Best Sandcastle

Everyone likes building sand castles, but can you turn it into art? If you think so, then enlist in the sandcastle building competition. The idea is to build the tallest castle with the most details. The winner is chosen by the crowd, the one with the loudest cheers will be crowned as the champion until next year.

Beach Volleyball Championship

Beach Volleyball Championship

Volleyball is a great sport to play at the beach, which is why we always hold tournaments on this day. There are three categories, for kids, for teens, and for grownups. Hundreds of people gather around to cheer for their favorite teams, making this one of the most popular activities at Grand Beach Fest.

Have A Picnic With Your Family

Have A Picnic With Your Family

If you don’t like to compete against others in our activities, you can just pick a spot and have a relaxing beach picnic with your family. Bring a kite, have fun with a frisbee, meet new people, and let your kids run down the beach all day long.

Our Team

The activities at Grand Beach Fest would be impossible without our team of volunteers and organizers that do their best to animate everyone present. The idea is to interest as many people with activities that include sports, relaxation, fun, creativity, and everything else you can think off. Get out of the house and have some fun on the beach.

Glenda S. Phipps

Glenda is in charge of Zumba classes. She is a Zumba instructor and there is nothing she likes to do more than dance and have fun.

Rudy L. Biggerstaff

Rudy is responsible for the sports activities as he was a professional NFL player in his youth. He is the organizer and the main judge in the volleyball and soccer tournaments.

Raymond J. Harn

Raymond has been the part of the team since year one and he is the guy that makes the rules for the sandcastle building competition.

Daniel L. Burney

Daniel is responsible for good music on our festival. You can see him everyday on the beach. He is our resident DJ from the beginning. 


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