Home Exercises versus Gym Memberships

When people tell you that the only way for you to get the body that you want and to stay physically fit is to go to the gym, tell them that it is an absolute lie. Most people who are well within their normal body mass index do not get gym memberships. With a healthy diet and an active lifestyle, it is possible to be healthy and physically fit without paying the monthly membership in most fitness centers.


In this article, we will look at the advantages and disadvantages of doing just home exercises versus gym memberships. Both sides have its own sets of pros and cons but can be used individually or together in certain ways to maximize their benefits.


Motivation Requirement


Most people would immediately conclude that the gym membership will have the upper hand in this aspect. In reality though, when it comes to the motivation requirement, both parties are equal. Going to the gym requires a lot of motivation because you need to allocate time and effort to go there regularly. Similarly, when you choose to do home exercises, you need a lot of motivation to stick to it given that you are within your comfort zone.


Variety of Exercises


When you go to the gym, you get to have access to plenty of equipment which right away gives you the advantage to vary the exercises you want to do and the way you want to do them. A lot of individuals who exercise at home report that they experience a plateau phase in their exercise and immediately concluded that home exercises do not work. One common mistake in home exercises is that people tend to stick to one type of exercise they are already comfortable with. You can still achieve variety with home exercises by constantly changing your routine to surprise your muscles continually.


Extra Cost


Gym memberships are costly, and if you want a personal and private trainer it costs even more. This is where the home exercise group has a lot of upper hand. Home exercises do not come at an extra cost. Perhaps the only expenditure you will have is the one-time purchase of home gym equipment which you may or may not opt to have.




One advantage for those who chose to go to the gym is that you get guidance from your fellow members trying to achieve their own fitness goals plus you have a fitness instructor to guide you through each of those routines. If you are doing home exercises, you can still get the same guidance through guides and free videos online though the inputs may not be as personalized and as interactive as you would have in a regular gym.


Home exercises will have a lot of cons and will take a lot more effort to maintain and to see the desired results. With a little perseverance, patience and lots of motivation, it is not impossible to get to your beach body by sticking to your exercise regimen that does not leave the four corners of your own home.