Things You Need For A Perfect Beach Picnic

Summer is the best time of the year because it allows you to have plenty of fun outside. For some people that means having a BBQ with friends, others like to go hiking in the mountains, but nothing says summer like spending a day at the beach.

If you catch the right time of the day and make some preparations, you can have a beach picnic with beautiful views of a setting sun over the sea. With that said, spending a day at the beach has its downsides. Sand can get into everything, the wind can cause trouble if it’s too strong, and so on.

You have to be prepared for the beach. That means that you have to know what to bring, what type of food to prepare, where to look for your ideal spot, and what time of day to pick. If you’re not sure about what to bring and what not to, here are some useful tips that will definitely help you have that special magical beach picnic with the people you love.

Pack a large umbrella

If you want to spend a day relaxing at the beach, the first thing you’ll need is a shade from the sun. There is nothing worse than roasting in the summer sun. Bring a large umbrella if you don’t have a parasol and shade yourself from the sun.

Bring lots of food, but avoid some ingredients

beach picnicThe sun can wear you down in no time, so you have to bring plenty of food to keep your energy levels high. Sandwiches, chips, fries, and other finger foods are ideal. Bring some fruit and veggies too, but avoid using ingredients like mayonnaise, cheddar cheese, because they can spoil quickly in the sun.

Buy a stable portable table for more comfort

Eating off a towel or blanket is fun too, but a small table with a couple of chairs is even better. Just make sure that the table is stable and that it sticks to the sand.

Get a bug spray or a repellant

Depending on the location of the beach, you should bring some kind of bug spray, just in case you run into a swarm of mosquitoes. You don’t want a couple of bugs to ruin your perfect day.

Wet wipes are a must

Eating and playing on the beach is fun, but you’ll have to wash your hands somewhere and what if you don’t have running water nearby? Wet wipes could save you a lot of trouble so make sure you bring some.

Do you prefer wine, beer, champagne, or all of them?

Nothing says relaxing like a cold beer or a glass of vine. Get some plastic cups if alcohol is forbidden at the beach.

Pillows, bring pillows!


Imagine that you’ve just eaten some tasty food you prepared earlier. You get a glass of vine and decide to lay back and relax. A pillow will make such a huge difference, you won’t believe it.

Don’t overdo it

So, you’ve set up your picnic spot and it looks great for an Instagram post. That’s just fine, but don’t overdo it and make a big mess you can’t fix before you go home.