Grand Beach ‘Artisands’ Set to Carve a New 2013 Record

Grand Beach, MB (Thursday, July 25, 2013) – This coming August long weekend, two Grand Beach sand sculptors are going to take on their previously set record for Manitoba’s Largest Sand Castle. From the beautiful white sands at Grand Beach, another massive summer monument will be created.

“Last year, we were hoping to accomplish something new and we were able to succeed. Now we want to take what we have learned and build it even bigger.” said Curtis Fehr, one of the event’s creators. “Despite a few setbacks with the rain last year, we were still able to reach our goal of a 12 foot high sculpture. Now we want to go bigger to a height of 15 feet!”

Sandcastle competitionFehr’s sand castle building experience spans 5 years at Grand Beach. The largest one to date measured just over 12 feet in height, but typically are 6 feet in height. “We would love to have everyone to come out to Grand Beach and join the thousands of beach goers to watch history in the making again” said Fehr “come for the sun, enjoy a hot dog and spend a weekend at the best beach in Canada” he continues.

He has once again partnered up with long-time Grand Beach carver Randy Ptashnick who has had many years carving under his belt. “Last year was a real test for us. Thinking and working in a scale much larger than we were used to was very challenging, but extremely exciting.” Ptashnick commented.

Last year was the official record setter at 12 feet in height and this year’s goal of 15 feet is still an easy goal according to Fehr. “Last year was a total learning experience, when we started removing the top forms to expose the ready-to-be-carved layers, we weren’t sure if it would be solid enough to carve or crumble away. Thankfully, it was more than strong enough and held together as expected.”


A few tonnes of sand and water will be needed, along with a lot of elbow grease. Within 1 day, the sand will be packed and ready for carving. The process of carving will take place from Friday August 2 until Monday August 5.

Patrick Petrucka, organizer of the Grand Beach International Sand Castle Competition says “This attraction is the precursor to Grand Beach’s International Sand Castle Competition; we want to promote this fantastic, fun event to all of Manitoba.” The Sand Castle competition will be held Saturday August 10 (rain day Sunday August 11). “This attracts people of all ages and ability from all over Manitoba and offers cash and prizes for the most interesting carvings.” Petrucka says. Categories for the competition are open to Individuals and Groups. “Skill is not required, only fun” chuckled Patrick.

This year’s Grand Beach Fest is going to have some new rules due to such a large interest from the public. The rules are going to be more strict, putting a bigger challenge on the competitors, but we are sure that the results will be more than fantastic in the end.