Little Known Facts About Beach Volleyball

Volleyball is a very popular sport all around the world. It is the second most popular sport up to date and beach volleyball is its variation.

Beach volleyball is very popular among the young. It is becoming ever more popular with each year and more and more beach volleyball courts are popping out everywhere. This sport is great for your health and overall physical appearance, and it’s also ideal for a sunny day at the beach.

But why is this sport so popular? Well, it’s fast-paced and very competitive. The sand makes it harder to move and jump, which is why agility, strength, power, and speed are crucial. You also need good hand to eye coordination and lots of energy so make sure you grab a pure protein shake to keep your energy levels up. Check out this  It’s a sport that everyone wants to try, especially on the beach, but do you know how this sport came to be?

If you are the type of person that likes to smash the ball over the net when you go to the beach, here are some fun facts about beach volleyball you probably didn’t know.

The facts

  1. beach volley competitionBefore volleyball got the name we know today, it was called mintonette. The first game took place in 1895 and the rules were similar to badminton. The first game was played at a YMCA in Massachusetts.
  2. The first official volleyball was made in 1900. The game of mintonette took the world by storm. The beginning of the 1900s was a time when most sports we know today became popular. The ball changed the name of the sport to what we know today.
  3. The first beach volleyball clubs were founded in the 1920s. So, this sport dates back almost one hundred years, it’s nothing new.
  4. The birthplace of the modern beach volleyball game is Santa Monica, California. That’s no surprise because this beach is one of the most popular holiday getaways for many Americans.
  5. Paul “Pablo” Johnson was the man that first came up with the two-man beach volleyball game in the 1930s.
  6. The first beach volleyball game in Europe was played in the 1930s. So, Europe is trailing behind the USA by 30 years at least when it comes to this game.
  7. Volleyball players jump 300 times in a single match on average, which is why most players are super-fit and tall.
  8. The first tournament in beach volleyball took place in 1976 at Will Rogers State Beach. This was the moment when the sport skyrocketed and became popular worldwide.
  9. One of the official Olympic rules of the sport prohibits the players of wearing too many clothes. It’s the only sport with such a rule in the world.
  10. The first Olympic game of beach volleyball took place in the Summer Olympic games in 1992. The sport was officially recognized as an Olympic sport in 1996 for both sexes.
  11. Beach volleyball is one of the safest sports because of the sand it’s played on. Injuries are very rare.
  12. Players require an incredible amount of physical activity so they will often use a merax treadmill for cardio workout.

Beach volleySo, here are some fun facts about beach volleyball. Don’t waste any time, get your volleyball and practice your moves and show what you can do at the Grand Beach Fest tournament.